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Blood Pressure Log and Chart.

Blood pressure Log is a free online journal designed to help track and manage your hypertension. This printable blood pressure log was designed as an easy way to keep track of blood pressure readings. The more readings you log, the better idea you and your doctor will have as to what your pressure is really doing. This allows you to look at what times of the day, week, or month your readings are higher. With this information you may be able to zero in on what is causing higher readings and then take specific action to help bring those readings lower. Blood pressure log provides knowledge and understanding that gives you more power to control your hypertension.

Our Printable Blood Pressure Log is easy to use.

With blood pressure log keeping track of your readings is a few clicks away. When you need to Log a reading just fill in your reading and click. The reading is then displayed in a spreadsheet format and a line is drawn on your chart. When ready, you can then print or just show your readings on your smart phone.

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Blood Pressure Log and The American Heart Association (AHA)

It is estimated that one in four adults have Hypertension. Measuring, monitoring, and Recording readings gives a more accurate representation of true arterial force. This is important if we are to minimize Hypertension complications such as stroke, heart failure, heart disease.
A quote from AHA ("Health care providers will want to get an accurate view of blood pressure log readings and how they change over time. Starting as early as age 20 "). Quote two from AHA ("readings can change minute to minute with changes in posture, exercise, stress or sleep "). AHA ("A single high reading does not necessarily mean you have high blood pressure") A better representation of your hypertension is an average picture painted over time. This is achieved with Our Printable Blood Pressure Log.

Blood Pressure Log is an online tool.

There is nothing to download. Nothing to take up space and resources on your computer. Blood Pressure Log readings are always available 24 / 7. If you are traveling you can log in from any computer anywhere in the world. Or use your smart phone to log and view readings and charts.'s Pintable Blood Pressure Log Online is the right tool you need to help you manage control your hypertension The Best Part of all, it is FREE.

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Your Blood Pressure Log Page shows your log entries. The blood pressure log provides the time and date automatically. Their are also some other fields provided in the blood pressure log should you care to use them. A Breakfast Lunch and Dinner field to see how diet is affecting your readings. You can also ignore these fields. The Printable Blood pressure Log also provides a field for notes, so if you had a stressful day you can tag that reading as such. No need to worry if you make a mistake, with blood pressure log you can fix any reading fast. This is a much easier fix than a paper log. A feature only available with a printable blood pressure log online.
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Your Chart Takes The Readings From Your Blood Pressure Log And Displays Them As Daily Averages. This chart can be saved to your computer as a PNG image, so you can then email or Instagram the image to your doctor. The blood pressure log history chart page allows you to see all your Blood Pressure Log online readings in this way.
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Start Your Free Printable Blood Pressure Log Online.   

Blood Pressure Log Doctor
Thank You BP Chronicle for the great web site.
Not only do I use the Blood Pressure Log,
but I recommend my patients do too.
I have found that patients who regularly log their readings have to take less medication to keep their pressure in check. We believe that it is simply patients who are proactive and involved in their treatment just do better.
Please see this guide for more.
Dr. Richard Glenn MD

101 Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure naturally

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